Driveway & Parking Solutions

When used in driveway or vehicle application Permegrids PG40 pavers are an effective method of containing and stabilizing loose gravel surfacing or incorporating a grassed finish.

PG40 prevents gravel migration, sinking or rutting and makes it possible to drive, walk, cycle or use pushed wheeled vehicles such as wheelchairs and pushchairs without displacement of the gravel surface and therefore retaining a level attractive finish.

Our unique design with its open cell configuration, strong and durable 12-point interlocking mechanism allows water to pass through freely whilst retaining the gravel and giving a long lasting & durable surface.

Our Permedrive Packages will also provide all the correct elements to construct a SUDS (sustainable Urban Drainage System) compliant construction allowing surface water to permeate naturally.


Our bespoke Permedrive packages can be purchased in varying sizes, here you will receive all the elements needed to construct your project, alternatively you can calculate your own project quantities using our online calculator and then send us your request and we will determine quantities required and quote you for your project.


Driveways & Parking Areas
Sports Grounds & Stadiums
Caravan & Holiday Parks
Access Roads
Golf Courses
Storage Facilities

*Detailed design literature and technical Information are available to download.